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Message from CEO
Mr. Amol Nitave

CEO & Founder, EvolvingX

Today's youth can create infinite wonders, with an exposure to Life Skills, Positive Attitude and Holistic Perspectives about life.

As we are marching towards a challenging and dynamic future, these fundamental assets for individuals would be the real game changer. 

Let's make this world a better place, together!

What Can EvolvingX Do For You?

We are really excited to empower you by being your companion in Your Journey of Evolution, with an everlasting experience and exposure for you. 

Strategic Consultation

Every business needs a strategic consultation to enhance their existing business model, operational strategy and many process improvement actions. We offer you our support to strengthen your overall Strategy!


Entrepreneurship campaigns to empower youth, though multi-faceted and unique interventions. The experiential learning program offers all aspects of Entrepreneurship.

Start-up ecosystem is a new cool!

Employability Skilling

There is a huge skill gap across the country. Youth is in need of right skills to get a decent job or livelihood. Interventions pertaining to Technical & Non-Technical skills with Life Skills as a foundation, would be a differentiating factor!

Business Continuity Practices

For any Organisation & Institution, Self-Sustainable module is the key!

It helps every entity sustain amid any adverse situation impacting the overall Operations. Our offerings would help you build a strong framework and processes to ensure Business Continuity!

Trainings & Facilitation

As we are experiencing new trends, technologies and methodologies emerging every single day, it's really important to equip organisations as well as individuals to be Future Ready! Capacity building through a transformation is something we are excited about to offer to you!

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Volunteering Management

We are ready to help you build a tribe of passionate volunteers, to ensure not only impact but also a life changing transformational journey!

With an enriching experience in Volunteering Management & Fund Raising Strategies, we can create wonders together!

Trusted by Organisations, Institutes and Entrepreneurs Throughout the Country


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Organized and Efficient

"Great experience to work with EvolvingX and Mr. Amol towards Youth Empowerment initiatives.

Entrepreneurship development is the need of the hour. Better together!"

Mr. Santosh Borde

Chairman, FTPO

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Insightful and Committed

"It's a privilege to work with EvolvingX and Mr. Amol on various transformational projects. Great support to MKR through strategic insights"

Mr. Amit Jain

CEO & Founder - MKR

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Innovative and Thoughtful

"EvolvingX is empowering youth with right approach. I am extremely happy & proud to be a part of an amazing journey towards Youth Empowerment"

Mr. Jayant Kelkar

Founder, Sales Fundas

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